Katica Zemlényi


She completed her musical studies in Balassagyarmat and in Miskolc mastered in music theory and choral conducting. She graduated as a cantor and director of music.in 1986.
She is also a soloist, organ player, cantor and has a leading role in her city’s musical life.
From 1997 she works in the musical performances of Vörösmarty Theater in Székesfehérvár and teaches the actors and actresses with her high standard of musical knowledge.
In 2006 Pope Benedict sent her bleesing to her for high standard of musical activities int he Catholic Church. Bishop Spányi Antal rewarded her musical performance in the church.
Vox Mirabilis Choir with her leading rewarded ARS MAGNA qualification in 2012. In the same year she rewarded Fricsay Richard musical award of Székesfehérvár for her high standard of musical performances.

In 2016 for many of charity musical activities she rewarded with CSENGŐSZÓ AWARD.
Since 2017, Katica Zemlényi has been a board member and organiser of the Adult Choirs Committee of the Hungarian Association of Choir, Orchestras & Folk Music Ensembles.
In 2017 she succesfully took part in the Szolnok Masterclass choir leader course as the mentee of Izaki Masahiro.
She gives courses and consultions regularly for other Choirs.
She is the speaker-editor of the classical music programme of the local radio Station.

Katica Zemlényi
+36 20 9 527 521
zemlenyi@datatrans.hu and voxmirabilis@gmail.com